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UK Parking Control to bring Shell EV chargers to 100 UK car parks

Shell Recharge Station

UK Parking Control Ltd (UKPC), one of the UK’s leading providers of parking infrastructure, has signed a new partnership with Shell UK to supply EV chargers at 100 of their locations.

Shell will install up to eight Shell Recharge fast and rapid chargers at each location, enabling customers to charge up while they shop, exercise or go to appointments. UKPC and Shell hope to extend this collaboration to include more of the 1,700 UKPC managed sites sites in the UK over the next five years, subject to take up from car park owners.

Ben Cooke, CEO at UK Parking Control, said: “We are extremely thrilled to announce our partnership with Shell. Our vision for the future of EV and its infrastructure aligns closely with that of Shell’s, and we both have a very keen focus on improving the motorist’s journey. This partnership further strengthens our position in the ‘mobility as a service’ market and supports our goals in providing a sustainable choice for charging across all of our destination locations.”

Bernie Williamson, General Manager of UK Mobility at Shell, said: “This agreement with UK Parking Control is a great opportunity more UK EV drivers the convenience of charging on the go. It is part of our wider intent to have, by 2030, 100,000 public EV charge points across the country and for 90% of UK drivers to be within 10 minute drive of a Shell rapid charger.”

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