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A UKPC-managed car park, which uses UKPC's iPermit solution.


This solution enables you to manage parking permits virtually. 

The portal has been designed to help you manage all of your permit needs in real-time. iPermit gives you the flexibility and freedom to add and manage parking permits when required for permanent vehicles, visitors and contractors, safe in the knowledge they are not being misused.

iPermit eliminates the need for physical permits

Permits can often be misused on another vehicle or by another person. This portal reduces the need for enforcement, unnecessary administration and is completely secure, providing you with real-time information on active authorised permit parking. The portal can be accessed 24/7, eliminating errors, time delays and misuse. 

You can log on to your iPermit portal at any time, anywhere via a computer, tablet or smartphone to ensure all updates are made on time, every time. This flexibility ensures that vehicles can be validated through the automated process at any time, wherever you are.

A laptop displaying UKPC's iPermit portal.

Next step

iPermit can be integrated with many of our solutions. Simply get in touch with the team to see how it can be incorporated into your parking management solution. 

We will provide login details so you can control and manage your permits straight away. After logging in, simply choose whether you’d like to add, manage or search permits. You can issue permits either temporarily or permanently. 

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