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We work in partnership with some of the UK’s largest sectors including retail, residential, leisure, commercial, hospitals, universities and many managing agents.​

Markets we serve


With over 500 retail sites, we have the knowledge and experience to manage parking headaches. From driving footfall to increasing turnover, we can help you uncover your retail sites potential, and provide you with data on dwell times and capacity analysis.

A hospital car park which is managed by UKPC.


Each healthcare setting can experience sensitive and complex parking issues, and we work with each individual site to transform their parking for patients, staff, visitors and contractors. 

More importantly we can ensure that emergency services always have clear access to the setting.


From small colleges to large multi-campus universities, these educational sites experience a variety of different users, with diverse requirements, using outdated systems.


We can streamline their services and provide a better motorist experience.  

A university car park which is managed by UKPC.
A residential property car park which is managed by UKPC.


Parking challenges on residential sites can include long stay parking from non-residents, visitor bays being abused and residents taking up more spaces than they are entitled to.


With over 650 residential sites, we have the experience to manage these sites effectively and relieve stress.

Hospitality & 

From restaurants and hotels to cinemas and theatres, sites across the hospitality and leisure sector often experience overstaying, abuse of disabled parking and more.


We have the experience to manage these sites to ensure a fair parking experience for your customers.  

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