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Our Solutions

Discover our innovative approach to a seamless experience that caters to both your team and your guests. UKPC provide an extensive range of innovative solutions, with your customers, visitors, staff and contractors always in mind.

We’re confident we’ve got the perfect solution to manage your car park. All of our solutions are tailored to your specific requirements. Speak to one of our experts, who would be happy to help.

TPM (Total Parking Management)

An illustration that depicts an ANPR camera.


Our automated number plate recognition is a technology-driven, modern way to stop unwanted vehicles parking in your car parks that overstay the published time limits, without the need for visible parking charges or displaying permits.

An illustration that depicts a UKPC Parking Operative.

Parking Patrol Service

This is our dependable and cost-effective way to ensure vehicles are parked correctly. Our PPS solution is a reliable and time-tested service to help safeguard your parking spaces with the utmost ease. Our Parking Attendants will protect your parking areas from vehicles in breach of the published parking terms and conditions.

A laptop which is displaying UKPC's iPermit portal.


The iPermit portal has been designed to help you manage all of your permit needs in real-time.

It gives you the flexibility and freedom to add and manage parking permits when required for permanent vehicles, visitors and contractors, safe in the knowledge they are not being misused.

Two mobile devices which are displaying UKPC's iHub Insights.

iHub Insights

This solution provides you with detailed reporting and analysis to give you greater visibility of your site’s performance. From visit analysis, parking charge analysis and EV statistics, you can access real-time data as and when you need. This online platform enables you to export information into a variety of formats. Plus it’s accessible on multiple devices including mobile, making it easy to obtain the information you need on the move.

Our Additional Services

A car park that is being managed by UKPC's iPark solution.


This solution is a straightforward, secure system which ensures parking spaces are occupied correctly – all with the use of a tablet. Parking spaces are often misused, especially within shared parking areas. With UK Parking Control’s iPark®, however, ensures your parking areas are occupied by genuine customers. 

Pay and Display

Pay and Display parking machines are a simple solution for car parks. At UKPC we can take care of installation, signage, maintenance, cash collection and compliance, there are opportunities for revenue rebates too. Whatever the unique requirements of your site, we will ensure your parking operation runs safely, efficiently and within the law. This solution is ideal for clients who wish to generate revenue from their car park.

A motorist using a Pay and Display machine in a UKPC-managed car park.
Multiple mobile devices displaying UKPC's iTicket app in-use.


This is a modern, simple solution to help you maintain and enhance the protection of your parking spaces. It’s a free, simple to use app which operates on iPhone or Android devices.


iTicket is perfect for car park areas where any authorised parking is permitted and enables the registered app user to issue parking charges, via the app, to any vehicle that is breaking the parking regulations, as outlined on the signage. 

Pay on Foot

Pay on foot machines are placed on site and payment is then completed at a user friendly pay station in advance of reaching exit points. A wide range of payment methods are facilitated to allow secure, fast payment transactions. Pay stations can also support staff permits and access cards.

A motorist using a Pay on foot machine in a UKPC-managed car park.

What our customers say

Since lockdown has eased, we noticed more and more cars being parked and left for hours in the slip road which is used by our customers to collect their parcels, post and letters. This was having a detrimental effect for our customers and staff who then struggled to park to use our services or collect from our post and parcel boxes. Through working with UKPC we have noticed a big difference with regards to the road now not being abused by private cars who were using this road as their own free car park.

Executive Assistant - Horsham Delivery Office

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