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A motorist using a Pay and Display machine in a UKPC-managed car park.

Pay & Display

Pay and Display parking machines are a simple solution for car parks. At UKPC we can take care of installation, signage, maintenance, cash collection and compliance, there are opportunities for revenue rebates too. Whatever the unique requirements of your site, we will ensure your parking operation runs safely, efficiently and within the law.

This solution is ideal for clients who wish to generate revenue from their car park.

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to payments. That’s why we have several flexible solutions, including a range of payment machines, to suit the needs of the users on your site.


With high uptime and full integration with smart ANPR technology, our diverse pay-on-foot portfolio offers a wealth of options to visitors to your site, better catering to customer need, driving payment compliance and helping to generate revenue.


You’ll be provided with all the necessary equipment for full installation, including pay stations and ANPR Cameras (if required) at entry and exit points.

An illustration depicting a UKPC Pay and Display machine.
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